PH Caféen

Halmtorvet 9A, 1700 København V

PH Café, named after the architect, filmmaker, critic and one of cultural radicalism's fathers, Poul Henningsen. One of his most famous works, the PH-lamp, are found in both large and small versions all around the café, while his portrait adorns the café's entrance and bar.
PH's penchant for culture is also an integral part of the café's DNA. PH Café hosts cultural events in droves with everything from jazz to rock concerts to documentaries and stand-up . Right now, you can experience around 275 cultural events at the café every year , but the manager Carsten Andersen hopes that in the future, he can invite the café guests to cultural experiences every day.
The many events are mainly held in the room next to the café room, capable of supporting a large audience. The cafe also has a cobbled courtyard, where events can be held in the open air during summer.
The music has a great place in PH cafe - and this applies Jazz , Rock, Blues and Pop .
But j"...

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  • 3321 8180
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 - 24.00
  • Capacity: 200
  • Payment: Dankort,Visa,Visa Electron,Mastercard,American Express,Diners card
  • Transport: 10, 14, A, B, c, E, F, H (Hovedbanegården)

Concerts forCopenhagen Jazz Festival 2015