Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge 18, 2300 København S

Culture Islands Brygge is one of Copenhagen's most active cultural centers with more than 400 cultural events a year. The events extends both festivals, concerts and children's theater, stable arrangements of Islands Brygge local associations, market days, dance shows and intimate tango evenings. K-I-B has a monthly children's jazz club and is one of the official venues during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Jazz By the Sea). Furthermore K-I-B has a good working relationship with various local jazz entrepreneurs such as Jazz Club Loco.

  • www.k-i-b.dk
  • kashan@kff.kk.dk
  • 8233 4780
  • Opening Hours: 09.00 - 01.00
  • Capacity: 300
  • Payment: Dankort
  • Transport: 12, 33, 250S, M1 (Islands Brygge Metro st.)

Concerts forCopenhagen Jazz Festival 2015