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Karlis Auzins Quartet (LV/PL/SE/DK)

KoncertKirken , København N

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Karlis Auzins - sax
Artur Tuznik - piano
Joel Illerhag - bass
Jakob Høyer - drums

It is a unity of strong like-­minded individuals coming from different national backgrounds (Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Denmark) and playing music that is about freedom, trust and soul. The music is influenced by both European and American jazz tradition, folk music from Latvia and other countries and classical music especially from 20th century.
It is a mixture of picturesque soundscapes and
compositions that are seen as a starting point of
an improvisational journey where the main
emphasis is on the interaction.
That creates a diverse musical experience
of abstraction and melody, meditative calmness and simplicity working together with raw energy and dexterity.

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