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Scram & Dawda + Kou Kou *******SOLD OUT******

World/Folk DKK 110 kr. voksen ( +9.12 gebyr)/ 60 kr students (+7.24 gebyr)

The Scandinavian quartet Scram had been around for five years when luck brought them together for a gig with koraplayer Dawda Jobarteh at Zanzibar in 2018. Since then the five of them has worked together on tours in Spain and Denmark, and are now stepping it up with an album of original music written for this new Quintet!

The blend of the cool estethics of Scandinavian jazz with the warmth and beat of a world class Kora Player from Gambia, turned out to be a perfect blend that triggers both beautiful melodies and sounds, as well as creative grooves and compositions that makes you wanna move your feet.

Line up:
  • Dawda Jobarteh - kora (Gambia)
  • Anders Banke - tenorsax and clarinet (Denmark)
  • Gunnar Halle - trumpet (Norway)
  • Thommy Andersson - bass (Sweden)
  • Martin Andersen - drums (Denmark)
  • Eliel Lazo - percussion (Cuba)

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2021