Koncerten er afsluttet

Tribute to Elis Regina


Kom på Kayak Bar under Cophenhagen Jazz Festival 2022 og hør lækker jazz.

Elis Regina was one of Brazil's most beloved singers. Her voice was both amazing and incomparable. She was Brazil's response to Billy Holiday and sang and interpreted bossanova in a way that no one since has been able to. She was gentle, vulnerable and unique. In addition to being a beloved singer, she was a woman's advocate and true to her political ideals. today, 40 years later, there is still no one who has filled the void left by Brazil when she left us far too soon.
Yasmin Kierkegaard and her star team of musicians take you back to the time, the songs, the mood.

Line up:
  • Yasmin Kierkegaard - Vocal
  • Jakob Dinesen - Sax
  • Poul Reimann - Keys
  • Yasser Pino - Bas
  • Percussion - Eliel Lazo
  • Percussion Henrik Enqvist

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