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Müntzing/Diers Auditory (SE/DK) + many others

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V


The music´s specific character and quality derives from a vibrant unpredictability significant for
Müntzing and Diers form of improvisation. A form of interplay that puts trust in the musician’s
responsiveness, intuition, impulse and reaction.

Our distinguished artist in residence at the Monday Club in October is none other than the amazing Herman Müntzig! Herman Müntzing is an experimental and improvising musician and composer from Baskemölla, Sweden, who prefer to treat and mistreat different kinds of acoustic and electric objects whenever and wherever it is appropriate.His musical world embraces sounds produced by “normal” musical instruments as well as short-circuit videomixers, children toys, found objects and slowly rolling ping-pong balls. He is also the creator of 12 stringed experimental instrument “Flexichord” built out of strings and pickups from 2 electric guitars attached to a piece of massive wood. He performs concerts and wor...

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Line up:
  • Lisbeth Diers - drums, percussion, objects, voice
  • Herman Müntzing - flexichord, electronics, objects, voice

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