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Daniel Angebrand Group

Huset-KBH , København K

Free admission

The band is composed of talented Nordic musicians, and Brazilian bassist Rubem Farias. Together, they play a great selection of songs from American jazz standards, Brazilian songs as well as compositions written by Live Foyn Friis and Daniel Angebrand. Daniel Angebrand has provided the basis for the songs, and Live Foyn Friis has written texts and some melodies that fit well in the vocal jazz universe. The band has a legendary access to the music, and everything is made for an amazing experience.

The concert takes place in the cozy garden of Huset

Line up:
  • Live Foyn Friis - voc,
  • Daniel Angebrand - trompet
  • Jonatan Guzman - piano,
  • Daniel Johansson - trommer,
  • Rubem Farias - bass

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