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Orpheus - release concert

Mellemrummet , København N

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Orpheus is Magnus Friis, Aske Drasbæk, Frederick Menzies and William Larsson. Four boys who, with their playful use of effects and synthesizers and their talent for the compositional and instrumentally complex, deliver a unique and contemporary sound.

The is something intense and at the same time dreamy about Orpheus’ music, which take the listener on a sail down a river of melodic jazz as well as avant-garde. Contrasts that together form a whole new sound within the jazz music. It is brave, it is interesting, and it is addictive.


Line up:
  • Aske Drasbæk - saxophones/bass clarinet/flutes
  • Frederick Menzies - saxophones/clarinets/synths
  • William Larsson - keys
  • Magnus Friis - drums

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