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5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm concert 40DKK, evening ticket 8-12pm 100 DKK

No advance tickets

This is an Ad Hoc adventure featuring two young improvisers from respectively Stockholm and Copenhagen, and a seasoned improviser originating from Sweden and currently based in Copenhagen since many years.
Fite has grown up with his ears filled with jazz, his father being a jazzguitar player in the Tristano school. Niklas has ventured into improvised music bringing his solid instrumental skills and his openness in ear and mind, and already plays with great improvisers.
Westergaard has made his presence heard on the scene in the latest years here and in a short time he has manifested that his musical expressions and vision reaches far, and has a very broad perspective, mostly rooted in the experimental scene.
Ericson is the experienced traveller here, having expanded his instruments´sonic possibilities since many years, with an expression rooted in improv as well as jazz. He has been collaborating with a long row of international improvisers, mostly from Germany, U...

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Line up:
  • The FEW:
  • Niklas Fite - guitar
  • Sture Ericson - sax, clarinet
  • Anders Vestergaard - drums

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