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Simon Toldam Orkester STORK

5e / ILK, København V

Experimental Free Jazz DKK 6pm-concert 40 DKK. Evening ticket (8pm-midnight) 100 DKK.

No advance tickets

“When church bells are ringing I like to stand still, close my eyes, and let my ears loose. After a couple of minutes where my ears naturally is focusing on the appropriations, suddenly the sound changes, and a whole new world of sounds arises. The appropriations disappear, and the focus from my ears is drawn towards the endless waves of overtones. Its feels like I am listening through the sound. An invitation to witness what’s going on behind the scenes.
In that micro cosmos there is a rich music so beautiful, natural and untamed, solemnly guided by the raw natural laws of travelling sound waves. That micro cosmos is one of my favorite places to be.”

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