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Pelle von Bülow / Anton Langebæk DUO

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Pelle von Bülow has become a well-known music and guitarist that, through the past years, has played alongside a lot of the greats from both Denmark and abroad. Anton Langebæk is also a very popular and sought after musician, who plays and tours in both Denmark and internationally, and someone you can find in a great number of bands and projects. These two musicians have played together in numerous ocassions together but here they can be heard in a exclusive duo setting ! And who knows – maybe a special guest will show up and join them? The repertoire consist of beautiful ballads, fast bebop and even some danish songs – but always with roots in the jazztradition. You can expect a trhilling and intimate evening with a duet of two of the brightest young stars of danish jazz!

Line up:
  • Pelle Von Bülow (GUITAR)
  • Anton Langebæk (BAS)

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