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Sarah Elgeti Duo

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After playing together in larger ensembles, Vivi Runge and Sarah Elgeti were drawn to this
quite unusual duo constellation. Runge / Elgeti Duo creates a very particular sound of their
own. The repertoire contains originals, tunes from the american songbook, exciting
interpretations of pop classics, as well as folksongs in their own creative arrangements.
Line up:
Sarah Elgeti: saxophones, flute, bass clarinet, vocals
Vivi Runge: bass, vocals
Vivi Runge (bass, vocals) was educated at The Royal Academy of Music. She has many
years of experience on all kinds of stages, playing many different styles with a variety of
artists. With her roots in alternative rock, afro, soul, and funk, Vivi radiates a rare musical
sensitivity and power at the same time. She is recognized by both colleagues and audiences
for her energetic improvisations and heavy groove.
Besides being a musician, she’s a composer and songwrit...

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Line up:
  • Sarah Elgeti – saxofoner, fløjte, klarinetter, vocal
  • Vivi Runge – bas, vocal

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