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Human Being Human

Free admission

Human Being Human is bassist Torben Bjørnskov, pianist Esben Tjalve and drummer Frederik Bülow.
The three musicians have all been touring around the world and played with a wide range of acclaimed international artists and are excited about this new constellation. Human Being Human sonically explores and challenges the acoustic jazz trio. With elements of electronica and ambient landscapes, the trio's sound universe and possibilities are expanded.
The trio's main elements are depth, humor and presence. The heart of the music is at the forefront along with the interplay and curiosity.
The trio's compositional basis is to create a musical platform where the music can unfold with equal parts of improvisation, grooves and moods. The music of the trio has cinematic landscapes as well as images of intense cacophony. Inspiration equals from Bach's counterpoint to swampy soul jazz but with the melodic and melancholic tone of Scandinavia at its core.

Line up:
  • Torben Bjørnskov - acoustic bass, electronics
  • Esben Tjalve - keys
  • Frederik Bülow - Drums

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