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Peter Bruun / Søren Kjærgaard / Jonas Westergaard "Thesauros"

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 10 dages pas 900/700

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Søren Kjærgaard, Jonas Westergaard and Peter Bruun have for several years been leading voices on the European music scene within modern jazz, improvised music and contemporary composition.
The trio is a collective symbiotic unit that immerses itself in the field of tension between complex stringent structures and improvisation. The trio excels in an extremely thorough and collective study of original material. Through processing and immersion from every conceivable perspective, a bodily understanding of complex musical concepts sprouts and gives the three musicians a completely liberated intuition to move between composition and improvisation.

“…compositions and improvisations replace each other seamlessly in a fascinating work with structures that point partly back to history and partly directly into the future"

Line up:
  • Peter Bruun / Søren Kjærgaard / Jonas Westergaard

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