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Mark Solborg - Tungemål feat. Santos Silva, Greve & Zach (DK/PT/NO)

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In 2020/21 Danish/Argentinian guitarist, composer and bandleader Mark Solborg released a comprehensive work in three parts.
TUNGEMÅL is concerned with the electrified guitar as a voice in contemporary chamber- musical contexts. With this comprehensive project Solborg wishes to elaborate the intimate listening experience, and develop methods and tools for the creative work at hand. An extensive artistic study and qualifying awareness of the modern guitar in interplay with acoustic instruments, and the musical spaces they inhabit.
How do you talk - alone and with others - when you are the only one that is being translated through a loudspeaker ? it possible to play both acoustically and electrified - simultaneously?
This evening Solborg has invited three unique international voices to join the conversation: Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, danish reedman par excellence Lars Greve and from Norway wielder of drums Ingar Zach playing gran cassa (orchestr...

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Line up:
  • Susana Santos Silva - Trumpet
  • Lars Greve - Reeds
  • Mark Solborg - Guitar
  • Ingar Zach - Gran Cassa & percussion

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