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Yumi Ito (CH/PL/ES)

Yumi Ito is one of the European vocal discoveries of recent years. With an irresistible timbre all her own, she sings self-composed songs that combine the simplicity of pop with the complexity of jazz.
Yumi Ito packs in her music social stories, which worlds apply, whether small or large, bright or dark. The sound is accordingly diverse: an amalgam of all kinds of styles between jazz, art-pop, free improvisation and neo-classical. These are enchanted, mysterious song gems that the daughter of a Japanese concert pianist and a Polish mezzo-soprano performs with the Spanish "drum poet" Iago Fernández and the Polish bassist Kuba Dworak. Together, the three musicians perform Ito's pieces and - of course - always tell stories.

Line up:
  • Yumi Ito(CH) – Vokal, Klaver, Komposition
  • Kuba Dworak(PL) – Kontrabas
  • Iago Fernández(ES) – Trommer

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