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Apparat Organ Quartet (IS) at ALICE

ALICE cph , København N

Experimental DKK 120 kr inkl gebyr

No advance tickets

Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Apparat Organ Quartet sometimes describe their music as „Machine Rock and Roll", and indeed the band’s sound veers between danceable floor-fillers and headbanging anthems, all served with a mixture of Kraftwerk-inspired electronics fused with Daft Punk-like robot voices and hard-rock drumbeats with beautifully melancholic melodies soaring over the whole mix. The band is not afraid to echo the epic grandeur of 70’s and 80’s stadium rock, but this is always tempered by the band’s metronomic Krautrock sensibilities. Every note in Apparat Organ Quartet is hand-played, there is not a sequencer or computer in sight. The band is soon out with their first single in eight years, “Alfa Partý”, and this September they play at ALICE.

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