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Musik fra Mellemøsten med Bilal Irshed Trio med sufidanser

World/Folk DKK Standard 190 kr./ Students 90 kr.

No advance tickets

A dynamic and colourful concert with music and dancing led by the virtuoso oud player Bilal Irshed, the ney flautist Moslem Rahal and the Sufi dancer Yazan Aljamal.

The concert offers a sample of what the Middle East has to offer within music and culture. Søren Møller Sørensen, Assistant Professor in Musicology at the University of Copenhagen, introduces Middle Eastern music at the concert, focusing on today’s so-called classical scene. The Bilal Irshed Trio perform traditional and present-day musical pieces from the Arab world. With them they have the Syrian ney flautist Moslem Rahal and the Syrian Sufi dancer Yazan Aljamal.

Line up:
  • Bilal Irshed, oud
  • Rasmus Møldrup, kontrabas
  • Yohan Ramon, slagtøj
  • Moslem Rahal, ney fløjte
  • Søren Møller Sørensen, foredrag
  • Yazan Aljamal, sufidans

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