Jazz in Copenhagen finds indoor lodgings in the Fall

The summer of 2020 was an usually festival-starved season, where most of Copenhagen’s live jazz scene migrated to safer outdoor settings. The forthcoming fall looks to be a different beast, as the majority of local venues return to their own indoor spaces, ensuring intimate musical experiences – and Jazz in Copenhagen gives you the complete overview of activities right here at Jazz.dk

Copenhagen sees a return to form this fall with a diverse selection of musical happenings taking place at the city’s many established venues – naturally while adhering to the strict official guidelines and safety measures enforced as a consequence of the ongoing pandemic. You can look forward to (re)visiting traditional venues like Jazzcup, H15, Paradise Jazz (Huset-KBH) and DR Koncerthuset as well as progressive spots like ALICE, Literaturhaus, Christianshavns Beboerhus and Loppen, all of whom will be hosting indoor concerts from September onwards. A select few venues were highly active during the otherwise somber summer – Bartof Station, Christianias Børneteater, Charlie Scott’s, Koncertkirken and Søhesten – and these will all continue presenting live jazz in the fall as well.

The following venues are active as part of Jazz in Copenhagen in September (updated continually):

ALICE cph – line-up
Bartof Station – line-up
Brønshøj Vandtårn – line-up
Byhaven Pumpehuset – line-up
Charlie Scott’s – line-up
Christianias Jazzklub & Børneteater – line-up
Christianshavns Beboerhus – line-up
DR Koncerthuset – line-up
Eliaskirken – line-up
H15 / Klub Primi – line-up
Hotel Ottilia – line-up
Huset-KBH / Paradise Jazz – line-up
Jazzcup – line-up
Jazzhus Montmartre – line-up (all concerts have been cancelled)
Karens Minde Kulturhus – line-up
KoncertKirken – line-up
LiteraturHaus – line-up
Loppen – line-up
Rudo – line-up
Stromma Danmark / Canal Tours – line-up
Søhesten – line-up
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek – line-up
Viften – line-up

Thanks to Nordea-fonden, Statens Kunstfond and the Copenhagen Municipality