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Mikkel Ploug Solo + Nikolaj Hess Solo

An evening that offers two very authentic Danish solo performers, playing each their instrument with their own musical personality.

Guitarist Mikkel Ploug is a dynamic musician in rapid development. His playing moves effortlessly in between genres with a strong focus on preserving the groove and the melodic originality of the music. During Denmark's first COVID-19 shutdown, Mikkel Ploug played 28 nights in a row from his balcony - both for neighbors and fans who listened from all over the world. The lullabies and evening songs in new guitar solo arrangements are gathered on the album "Balcony Lullabies", and this evening Ploug moves from the balcony to Montmartre’s stage.

The pianist Nikolaj Hess is one of the most original figures in Danish jazz. He is constantly looking for new ways of expression and has a constant retention of the music's strong rhythm. With the project "Impressions of Bob Dylan Revisited", Hess tackles songwriter Bob Dylan's rich arc...

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Line up:
  • Mikkel Ploug (Guitar / DK)
  • Nikolaj Hess (Piano / DK)

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