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Modern Latin DKK 100

The winning quartet of this year’s Jazzkonkurrencen, Metroscope, is going to blow you away! Metroscope is an incredebly talented quartet from the Danish city of Aalborg that plays modern, instrumental music. The music combines the improvisational universe of jazz with a solid groove-based expression. The group's sound is expressed through original compositions that are characterized by energetic rock grooves, crooked beats and inciting Latin American rhythms.

In 2020, the debut single “Alabur” was released, which is a tribute to the band's hometown Aalborg, where the group's Nordic roots are expressed through a simple and down-to-earth sound universe. In 2021, Metroscope has released two new digital single releases and looks forward to releasing their upcoming debut album.
Metroscope is one of the four finalists in Jazzkonkurrencen 2020 and has in that context been given the possibility to perfom as a headliner at Jazzhus Montmartre. The concert is presented...

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Line up:
  • Jonas Dannerbugt (Guitar / DK)
  • Andreas Enrique Bergholt (Keys / DK)
  • Mads Dalum Poulsen (Bass / DK)
  • Mikkel Noe (Drums / DK)