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Tobias Stavngaard Sextet

Swing Traditional DKK 100

Tobias Stavngaard is a young trombone player and composer living in Copenhagen. Despite his mere 22 years, he is already an established musician on the Denmark's jazz stages - among other things by virtue of his position as trumpet player in the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. However, it is with this sextet that he really makes his debut as a soloist and composer on the Danish jazz scene.

Tobias Stavngaard Sextet plays original contemporary music with respect for the tradition. Large parts of the music are thoroughly composed, but there is still room for improvisational elements from the group's skilled soloists. Precisely the group's detailed work with the relationship between the composed and improvised elements gives the music its refined and elaborate expression. The upcoming release "Historier om dette og hint" focuses on a handful of stories that have made an impression on the composer. The stories range widely from great literary works like The Odyssey to more whimsical s...

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Line up:
  • Tobias Stavnsgaard (Trombone / DK)
  • Jakob Sørensen (Trumpet / DK)
  • Aske Drasbæk (Saxophones / DK)
  • Carl-Emil Dons Christensen (Piano / DK)
  • William Mannerland (Bass / SE)
  • Nikolaj Bangsgaard (Drums / DK)