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KoncertKirken / ILK, København N

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Sacrified is Peter Danstrup’s version of a large ensemble.
Music and lyrics are inspired by religious themes and tales – and the music is with this
joining the ongoing discussion about religion, migration, nationalism and cultural differences. The lyrics adds spice to the music and gives it a special epic flavour.
The 8 musicians counts 5 women and 3 men, and the line-up is somewhat unusual:
vocal, flute, ’cello, piano, french horn, tuba, bass and drums.
The band’s first CD, Sacrified, was well received everywhere and Peter Danstrup was nominated to a Danish Music Award in 2016 as Jazz composer of the Year.
Chr. Munch- Hansen (Politiken): ’Sacrified is an original and impressive project’
Jørn Gade, Aarhus Jazzselskab: ’Danstrup has virtually composed an oratorium. God damn! Can you do that, are you allowed to do it? Where is the Jazz Police? (...) My doubtful expectations were long gone. It was alive and sounded great’

Line up:
  • Nina Baun - vocals
  • Mariane Bitran – flutes
  • Soma Allpass – cello
  • Makiko Hirabayashi – piano
  • Lise Munch – french horn
  • Rasmus Kjærgård Lund – tuba
  • Peter Danstrup – acoustic bass guitar
  • Bjørn Heebøll – drums, percussion

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