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Capital Fluxus (INT)

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Den multinationale gruppe Capital Fluxus tager deres udgangspunkt I et koncept de kalder “Neo Neo Europa”. Capital Fluxus beskriver hvad Neo Neo Europa er således:

“Neo Neo Europe” (NNE) is a concept that we coined in order to describe and understand our current time on the continent. NNE is the return of Europe’s colonial history, the “Neo-Europes” and the liquid and unevenly precarious lives of young European citizens and denizens. It is a multitude of individuals who were born, grew up in, migrated to and now constitute what is today’s Europe. NNE has for us also become a symbol of all the empowering places where people of different nationalities, sexualities, social statuses, religions and languages are enjoying the same rush of ecstasy. Places that in the midst of crises and political indifference can see people dreaming new dreams.”

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