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C0D£ alla v@cc1n@ra (IT)

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 4 dages pas 400/250

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Francesco Bigoni celebrates a nice 6 years of membership in ILK this year, and invites Gianluca Elia and Domenico Villani for an all-Italian improvisational surprise meeting. The three musicians are all blurring the boundaries between different performative tools – composition, free improvisation, interaction design, electronics. This evening, they are meeting on stage for the first time in a trio setting, and without telling each other which weapons and tricks they will bring with them.

Line up:
  • Francesco Bigoni – saxofon, klarinet, apparater
  • Gianluca Elia – elektronik
  • Domenico Villani – elektronik

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