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Crush String Collective + Sten Sandell/Johannes Nästesjö (SE) + Jacob Anderskov solo + Johannes Nästesjö solo

Experimental New Danish Jazz DKK 120 DKK / Stud 60 DKK

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Sten Sandell/Johannes Nästesjö (SE)
Improvised music in the spirit of the contemporary improvised European scene. Built on conversations rather than monologues, in which we both try to emphasize the collective, rather than one of us being lifted on the other’s shoulders. Musically, occasionally airy and with plenty of room for both musicians to phrase freely but still together. Occasionally very intense, and utterly rhythmically complex and compact, with notes plowing forth musical furrows, but without running over the form and the musical whole. No one can take anything for granted, no one can rest in their favorite techniques. Instead, we have to be constantly ready for instant rhythmical, dynamical, tonal, and spectral changes. It results in compositions in different shapes and phrasings and varying lengths.

Crush String Collective (DK/SE/NO)
Crush String Collective (DK/SE/NO) is an experimental collective of string musicians. With their combined 15...

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Line up:
  • Sten Sandell - Piano
  • Johannes Nästesjö - Double Bass
  • Jacob Anderskov - piano solo
  • Crush String Collective:
  • Maria Jagd, violin
  • Julija Morgan, violin
  • Tove Bagge, bratsch 
  • Oda Dyrnes, cello
  • Nicole Hogstrand, cello
  • Ida Nørby, cello

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