Omar Dahl [BE] + Detective Picnic and the Mystery Basket

Kom med når belgiske Omar Dahl besøger Stengade med deres groovy blanding af elektronisk, balkan og arabisk musik. Detective Picnic & The Mystery Basket starter aftenen ud med et lydbillede forankret i dansable grooves og med fængende riffs drager detektiven ud på småpsykedeliske eventyr.
Koncerten er en del af Vinterjazz Festival.
Omar Dahl:
Omar Dahl cannot easily be pigeonholed to one style. The ingenious combination of synthesizers, brass and string instruments explores a whole new register within the modern electronic music. Their dance provoking beats and sultry melodies are noticeably influenced by music from the Balkans and the Arab world.
After a first EP ‘Zura’ in 2019, Omar Dahl released their single Oscar’s Walk in 2020. The song is part of The White Collection, a compilation album that was put together and recorded by the
Ghent label Eskimo Recordings. Just prior to the summer of 2021, the band released Piruet, another single w...

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Line up:
  • Omar Dahl [BE]
  • Detective Picnic and the Mystery Basket