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Maria Faust Sacrum Facere


Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, is a song cycle written for brass ensemble, three woodwinds, prepared piano and kannel (an Estonian folk harp played by plucking strings with the fingers). The music is inspired by Estonian folklore and runo singing that comes from the Setu region, close to the Russian border. The movements in the cycle are written specifically for the musicians in the group, catering to their unique and individual voices on their instruments.
Sacrum Facere can be described as a synthesis of two of Faust's passions: classical composition and free improvisation.

Maria Faust (Saxophone/Clarinet/Voice)
Peter Fuglsang (Clarinet)
Ned Ferm (Saxophone/Clarinet)
Elena Satien (Violin/Voice)
Emanuele Maniscalco (Piano)
Kristi Mühling (Kannel)
Tobias Wiklund (Trumpet)
Jacob Munck (Trombone)
Jonatan Ahlbom (Tuba)

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014