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Søren Kjærgaard Solo + Mark Solborg: Black Pipes and Prayers (DK/ITA/US)

5e / ILK, København V


21:30 - Søren Kjærgaard Solo

S.K.’s work as a soloist has varied from performances on conventional pianos to experiments with acoustic piano preparations and electronically treated sounds, often letting the different approaches merge in an open sonic field.

Currently, S.K. is working on a solo project where he investigates a more dialogical approach to the solo format, finding ways of opening the situation towards a multiplicity of textures, speeds and layers.

23:00 - Mark Solborg - Black Pipes and Prayers

This evening Mark Solborg has summoned a impressive group of players of one of his favourite instruments: The Clarinet. Top to bottom an extraordinary family meeting of black pipes you don’t want to miss. A unique first time meeting set up especially for the ILK venue at 5e.

Improv, musical prayers, hymns and dense texture are all ingredients of the evening - utilising all the features of these strong, inn...

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