Koncerten er afsluttet


KoncertKirken , København N


Jesper Zeuthen - sax
Jacob Anderskov - piano
Anders Vestergaard - trommer

Jesper Zeuthen has been one of the most distinctive and uncompromising voices on the Danish music scene since the sixties. His easily recognizable, totally unique and personal tone on alto saxophone has always been a strong influence in the creative musics circles. He has been working in bands like 'Blue Sun', 'New Jungle Orchestra', 'Zeuthen – Friis – Mazur', and recording with the greats like Don Cherry, Terry Riley, Johnny Dyani, Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, and pretty much everybody from the Danish improvising music scene.

The 3 ZAV-musicians are all over the Danish jazz/improv scene, and know each other very well 2 by 2 from several bands:
Anderskov & Zeuthen toured the world with Anderskov Accident for years and have a telepathic and deeply empathic mutual understanding. Anderskov & Vestergaard are 2 thirds of Anderskov’s phenomenal “Kinetics” trio, and h...

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