Koncerten er afsluttet

Art of Escapism/Monsters for Breakfast (SE/PL/UK)

KoncertKirken , København N


Lo Ersare & Ania Rybacka

Using voice as the most expressive and intimate
from all instruments, Rybacka (PL) and Ersare
(SE) have discovered a universe welcoming
audience to escape from daily routines, matters of past and future. Voices multiply and cross each other moving back and forth between complex layers of rhythms and music of a more minimalistic nature.
Improvised stories made of unconventional vocal
soundscapes take the listener’s imagination for a
creative spin. The improvisations are strongly
influenced by folk music and vocal techniques
coming from e.g. Bulgarian singing and Polish/
Swedish traditions. The time and place of the
performance also affects the music making each
concert a unique experience.
“I look into her eyes, and fearlessly begin singing
the first thing that comes to my mind. We never
talk before a concert. Never plan nor ...

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