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Tobias Elof

Mellemrummet , København N


Danish Tobias Elof has in few years gone from a life as a hopeful young musician to have achieved more than most - touring Europe, Asia and Hawaii, won Danish Championship in Folk Music, nominated for two Danish Music Awards and admitted to the Academy as the first in world - with the 'ukulele in his hands.

Tobias Elof began to play the 'ukulele when he was 8 years old - at that time because the fingers were not big enough for bass. Although his fingers grew, the desire to play the distinctive instrument, only increased and today it has become his livelihood.

Elof has his musical roots planted in Scandinavian folk music. With virtuosity, intimacy and passion he challenges the genre by experimenting with the music and adjusting it to the 'ukulele.

The 30th of June Elof will be releasing his long-awaited debut album as a solo artist. The album title, 'Ukulele Meditation, presents a way of playing the instrument that takes you to a to a new dimens...

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