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Mark Solborg and Simon Toldam often meet in Copenhagen working with the label ILK and it’s music. ..and from time to time they hook up for investigations of guitar, piano and organ performing compositions by Solborg and intense minimalistic improvisations. Recently their work has also involved live performed soundtracks to silent movies with the great Asta Nielsen. Both Simon and Mark bring a strong personal approach, artistic integrity and international experience to the project.  After several full houses and good reviews the interest for their work has been growing rapidly. Now a visit to Japan and the film festival Northern Lights (http://tnlf.jp/) is being planned for February 2017.

A raw live recording of “Die Filmprimadonna” with Solborg & Toldam: https://youtu.be/FCFo9jfG1PU

With 17 international releases to date as leader or co-leader and numerous concerts on leading European festivals. Mark Solborg has established himself with clear imprint...

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Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017