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Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low (SE/CH)

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It was a different world back then. There was a time before you could amplify sound with electricity, before you could accumulate sound in plastic and bring it from one corner of Tellus to another. This is the remix. Keeping it simple and raw. Three voices stubbornly creating the core of all music; Rhythm! Candles still flicker, the frequencies of yesterday still resonates. The future is now. This is acoustic retro-futurism.

The Trio LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW premiered at the Kollektiv Festival in Berlin (2015). After years of playing in the award-winning band Schneeweiss + Rosenrot singer Lucia Cadotsch and bass player Petter Eldh (Django Bates Trio, STARLIGHT, Marius Neset) have founded a new band with tenor saxophonist Otis Sandsjö (Farvel, Gothenburg Gadjos).

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