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Jacob Anderskov's Strings, Percussion & Piano

Haveselskabets Have , Frederiksberg

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One of the niche genres in jazz is "Third Stream". An ambitious direction, that is related to merge jazz with European classical music. Once a somewhat denounced genre, due to the fact that many believed, an organic synthesis between the two musical worlds was simply not possible, and it certainly did not help that the one-piece composites were scarce. Nowadays the gap between classical and jazz seems smaller, and in this "third way”, you will, in fact, find some of the more interesting trends in jazz and improvised music.

Recognizable proof of delivery here is the original and multifaceted Danish pianist, composer and bandleader Jacob Anderskov with his critically acclaimed ensemble Strings, Percussion & Piano. These thoroughly composed pieces for string trio are in fertile collision with strong improvisations by Peter Bruun’s percussions & Anderskov’s piano. Music inspired by especially Bartok and Stravinsky hits the nail on the head with respect to Anderskov's ove...

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