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Miles på Hjernen v. Peter Vuust

Sankt Hans Torv , København N

Free admission

Miles on the Brain
- Leceture and music about Miles Davis’s quintet during the 1960s and how jazz and musical expertise affects our brain.

Miles Davis’s quintet during the 1960s is regarded by most musicians and jazz enthusiasts as one of the best and most innovative ensembles in jazz history. This is mainly due to two factors: first, Miles Davis managed to find the most talented young musicians and got them to play better than they had ever played before; second, the group had a unique way of using rhythm for communicating with each other. 
This lecture is about Miles’s music, what happens in our brain and how musical expertise can be observed in the brain, when we listen to this very challenging music. Based on latest brain research, the lecture will explain how a musician’s brain changes, structurally and functionally, throughout a lifetime of practicing and how we can potentially use this fascinating new science.         
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