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Bebiandi Ensemble

Huset-KBH, Stardust / ToneArt, København K

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BEBIANDI ENSEMBLE // 4 composers // 3 Postcards // 7 musicians // 12 compositions //
Lisbeth Diers, Thommy Andersson, Pernille Bévort and Signe Bisgaard from the jazz-composer association “Toneart” have teamed up and composed the music for the brand new Bebiandi Ensemble - Postkort fra mellemrummet.
Tonight’s concert premieres 12 new compositions written especially to this septet that presents some of the most interesting jazz musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Their music has received great critics and they have performed in a broad variety of ensembles internationally. This night you can hear them perform for the first time together.
Postkort fra mellemrummet
4 composers write an open musical idea – a postcard - as a fragment of a new piece. The postcard is sent to the other composers.
3 postcards are received and each composer uses them as starting points in the process of writing new music for the Bebiandi Ensemble.
7 music...

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