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Jachna/Tarwid/Karch trio (PL)

KoncertKirken , København N

Free admission

Jachna Tarwid Karch is an unique group where famous haziness of Jachna’s trumpet meets the elegant sound of the most promising young stars of Polish jazz scene.

Jachna Tarwid Karch is Wojciech Jachna (born 1979) on trumpet, Grzegorz Tarwid (born 1994) on piano and Albert Karch (born 1993) on drums.
Inspired by classical masters including Shostakowich, Debussy and Ravel this distinctive trio has recently released one of the most critically acclaimed jazz albums of 2014. Their music reaches deep into classical heritage; however, thanks to the exceptional awareness of contemporary styles it becomes actual and
powerful. Carefully structured pieces are brought to life by brave, improvisational practices - enclosed within a romantic narration and touching soundscapes.

Wojciech Jachna is a well-established trumpeter and sideman. He performed and recorded over ten albums with different artists, including famous ‘Contemporary Noise Sextet’, ‘Sing Si...

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