Tomatito & Michel Camilo (ES/DO)

Tickets go on sale January 9th 10:00.

Michel Camilo & Tomatito have been gathering each other for more than 30 years in an almost predestined way.

This third installment of Tomatito & Michel Camilo’s award-winning project comes 10 years after the success of Spain Again (2006) and completes the trilogy of this magical duo, which pioneered the union of a Piano and a Flamenco guitar. The collaboration between these two artists began at the Barcelona Jazz Festival 19 years ago in the Palau de La Musica. This project has kept them together through three albums and numerous international tours since they began playing as a duo back in 1997. Two great performers and close friends who gather once again to offer us a repertoire, where the Piano and the Guitar communicate with each other and coexist in an intimate space. Where both performers find a place - in the middle - which grants them the freedom to explore and emerge with fresh interpretations and visions o...

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