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Richard Galliano New Jazz Musette Quartet (FR)

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The French accordionist, Richard Galliano, has taken the much loved accordion and further developed its traditional expression into a refreshing new life with French Jazz.

Richard Galliano enjoys a great love and respect for the French music traditions, especially the French musette waltz. He draws great inspiration from those traditions, but also takes his music to new modern places. In his new interpretation of the genre, he takes inspiration from jazz, blues, tango and Brazilian music. It all ties together with his love of the melody that creates a binding thread throughout the music, which otherwise moves around with feelings, emotions and atmosphere.

Richard Galliano began to play accordion at the early age of four, with his father, Lucien Galliano, who himself mastered the instrument. This was the starting point of a long and fruitful career that has taken him all around the world. He has recorded over 50 albums and among other things, played with l...

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Line up:
  • Richard Galliano, harmonika
  • Jean-Marie Écay, guitar
  • Yaron Stavi, kontrabas
  • Jean-Christophe Galliano, trommer

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