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Lelo Nika Septet

Modern Fusion World/Folk DKK 100-200

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Strings, harmonics and cimbalom
When Lelo Nika meets with his impressive team of musicians, there is a group intuition and understanding of the power of music that determines the formulation of the music ....
Jazz, folk music and world music unfold in perfect symbiosis with the Austrian Koehne String Quartet meeting Lelo Nika's own trio consisting of accordion, cimbalom and double bass. This group of musicians is what constitutes Lelo Nika Septet.
Lelo Nika has roots in Serbia and after many years of living in Denmark, has settled in Malmö. His cultural backgrounds in Balkan music inspire his own music, but for many years he has further developed it in interaction with jazz and world music. As a composer, he sees it as an important mission to preserve the musical traditions he is part of, but also to compose new music that exceeds those traditions.

Lelo Nika Septet consists of:
Lelo Nika, accordion
George Mihalache, cimbalom

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Line up:
  • Lelo Nika, harmonika
  • George Mihalache, cimbalom
  • Thommy Andersson, kontrabas
  • Koehne kvartetten:
  • Joanna Lewis, violin
  • Anne Harvey-Nagl, violin
  • Lena Fankhauser, bratch
  • Melissa Coleman, cello

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