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Mads Houe Trio

Bevar's , København

Free admission

With memories from a childhood exposed to ground breaking jazz music from a CD player in the living room, Aalborg based bass talent Mads Houe has grown up and has now created a trio based on his own compositions, inspired by, among others, Lars Jansson, Pat Metheny and Jan Johansson. The music universe is based on the calming Nordic tone, which can also become exuberant once the emotions are awakened. With Andreas Bergholt and Matias Fischer, Mads Houe has created a pure Northern Jutlandish trio, which is likely to be a strong contrast in the midst of the Danish bastion Copenhagen at CPH jazz 2018.

Line up:
  • Mads Houe (bass), Matias Fischer (dru), Andreas Bergholt (pia)

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