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Mark Solborg - Black Pipes & Prayers

5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm-concert 40 DKK. Evening ticket (8pm-midnight) 100 DKK.

No advance tickets

For this late night session at 5e Mark Solborg has summoned a impressive group of players of one of his favourite instruments: The Clarinet. Top to bottom an extraordinary family gathering of black pipes you don’t want to miss. Improv, musical prayers, hymns and dense texture are all ingredients of the evening - utilising all the features of these strong, innovative players and their beautiful instruments.

Solborg has been composing and working with reed- and horn-sections for most of his career. A memorable album, on the ILK label, was Solborg 4+4+1 feat. Chris Speed(US)) and several of the players involved this night:

Solborg 4+4+1 feat. Chris Speed
Solborgs 4+4+1 nonet moves like a proud ship with all sails up into the wind, carrying a dear treasure delivered with great trust and loving care. It is set ashore on the pier of this years most exquisite Danish jazz. – Jazznytt, Norway

Line up:
  • Lars Greve - Clarinets
  • Francesco Bigoni - Clarinet
  • Anders Banke - Clarinets
  • Mark Solborg - Guitar
  • Bjørn Heebøll - Drums

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