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5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm-concert 40 DKK. Evening ticket (8pm-midnight) 100 DKK.

No advance tickets


“No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it´s not the same river and he´s not the same man”
(Greek philosopher Heraclitus)
This quartet was gathered during Ericson´s artist-in-residency in june -17, and completely fulfilled the expectations and dreams of its instigator. Curiosity and unpredictability are the keywords in the quartets musical explorations. Jazz has to kill its darlings in order to survive.
Tranberg is rightfully heralded as the state-of.the-art contemporary trumpet player around, with a great openness in mind and music and at the same time firmly rooted in the jazz tradition.
Ericson is another kind of wildbird who can project his energy in angular lines as well as pure sound.
Davidsen has maybe the biggest ears in business which, along with his always alert creativity, shapes the musical adventures between the musicians on stage.
Osgood´s lovemaking drums embraces every sound that vib...

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Line up:
  • Ericson, sax
  • Tranberg, tp
  • Davidsen, bas
  • Osgood, dr

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