Kira Skov/Maria Faust "In the Beginning"

Brorsons Kirke , København N

Modern Experimental Vocal DKK 220 DKK

Musicians, composers, and multiple Danish and Estonian award winners Kira Skov and Maria Faust have united their unique and diverse musical gifts in a new multimedia endeavor entitled “In The Beginning,” which was released in April of 2017, on Stunt Records.

In early 2016, Kira and Maria rented a car and embarked on a journey through the southern border regions of Estonia. Here, they came upon a cultural universe of vanishing songs and chants, while unearthing long-buried stories of loss, surrender, submission, faith, doubt, and forgiveness.

Together, in an empty Russian Orthodox Church originally constructed in 1873, they found a place where time seemed to stand still in an otherwise ever-changing world. Many cultural and musical traditions have completely disappeared from the region – in part, through the calculated and systematic eradication of local customs by various ruling regimes over time, and partly due to the growing influence of modern s...

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Line up:
  • Kira Skov – lead vocals, songs, and lyrics
  • Maria Faust – alto saxophone, songs, and arrangements
  • Tobias Wiklund – trumpet
  • Ned Ferm – tenor saxophone and backing vocals
  • Anders Banke – bass clarinet
  • Nils Bo Davidsen – contrabass
  • Jacob Højer – drums and percussion
  • Choir – Silja Uhs, Marie Roos, Annely Leinberg, Raul Mikson, Meelis Hainsoo, and Joosep Sang

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