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Hess Is More feat. Mette Lindberg

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Hess is More is the New York / Danish institution in art house pop music – now releasing its 7th album, "80 Years", the first on UK label Edition Records. With its trademark mix of instrumental improvisation, catchy hooks and melodic beauty based in a jazz aesthetic, Hess Is More sounds like no other band. Get ready for an eclectic group effort, when the transatlantic Hess Is More performs with guest vocalist Mette Lindberg (The Asteroids Galaxy Tour) at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018.

Hess Is More first flickered to life more than a dozen years ago in Copenhagen, where drummer and singer Mikkel Hess had recently graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. After spending his young life steeped in jazz, Mikkel Hess greeted adulthood by falling under the sway of pop. From its first rumblings, Hess Is More reveled in the simple pleasures of pop music—all juicy dance beats and whistled jingles—while never abandoning the perspective of an art-damaged jazz act.

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Line up:
  • Mette Lindberg - Guest Vocal
  • Daniel Nentwig - Crumar Keys
  • William Andrew Raposo - Bass
  • Jeppe Skjold - Saxofon
  • Claus Højensgård - Trumpet
  • Rasmus Vestervig - Guitar
  • Rasmus Bille Bahncke - SH101 Bass Synth
  • Henrik Vibskov - Electric Drums
  • Mikkel Hess - Drums & Vocals
  • + Nikolaj Hess - Solo Piano Introduction

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