Koncerten er afsluttet

Sun Araw / Tomo Jacobson (US/PL) + Qarin Wikström / Mads Emil Nielsen (SE/DK) + Jenny Gräf (US)

KoncertKirken , København N


Sun Araw
is the working title of a musical project helmed by Los Angeles-based artist Cameron Stallones. Sun Araw has released a number of well-received and consistently innovative albums, with his eighth, Gazebo Effect, released by Sun Ark Records (an imprint of Drag City) in 2015.
Cameron Stallones began his musical career as a founding member of the experimental psychedelic rock collective Magic Lantern. Soon after, demos originally intended for Magic Lantern became the first Sun Araw LP: The Phynx. Structural and spiritual inspiration for Sun Araw comes primarily from investigation into the nature of experience by the transformative power of simple observation. The goal has always been the creation of a psychedelic music, by which is meant a psychotropic music: not an aesthetic sensibility but a method of discontinuous experience. Supporting every Sun Araw composition is the fact of mantra: the ability of repetition with attention to change the perception of a melo...

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