Koncerten er afsluttet

EHM (Lucatelli,Kimestad,Olsson)

H15 Scene , København V

Eksperimental Avantgarde DKK 80,- pr. concert - 120,- for two - All day pass 200,-


With Marcela Lucatelli on vocals, Erik Kimestad Pedersen on trumpet and Henrik Olsson on guitar, EHM focus on intense and brutal sonic collisions that demand all three musicians to exploit all their inventive powers and extended techniques. Lucatelli, Pedersen and Olsson mutate their voices, breathes and the guitar strings into extreme, chaotic soundscapes that still has some twisted sensual quality. They have been described by Free Jazz Blog as "noisy godzillas that enjoy the Danish hygge in a compact, sweaty space". Their debut album, a self released 10 inch vinyl, was released in 2017, and has received great reviews.

Line up:
  • Marcela Lucatelli - Voice
  • Erik Kimestad Pedersen - Trumpet
  • Henrik Olsson - Electric Guitar

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018