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Polish Danish Jazz Days Ensemble (PL/DK)

KoncertKirken , København N

Moderne Free Jazz DKK 100 DKK / stud. 50 DKK


Polish Danish Jazz Days 2018
The history of cooperation of young Polish musicians began about ten years ago, with a group of three brave artists, who decided to start their music education in Denmark.
Tomasz Licak, Bartłomiej Wawryniuk oraz Marek Kądziela, through education at Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, they initiated a new chapter in Polish-Danish cooperation in the broad sense of improvised music. The successes and presence on the European music market of ensambles drawing inspiration from the border of Slavic and Scandinavian culture, initiated a large "wave" of young artists wishing to follow the same direction in art.
As a consequence of these events, Danish conservatories filled up with young Polish musicians, starting from Esbjerg, through Odense to end in Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory establishing a very specific combination of cultures, musical inspirations, ending on the unbreakable friendship of these artistic worlds.
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Line up:
  • Maciej Kądziela - alto saxophone
  • Tomasz Licak - tenor saxophone
  • Erik Ørum Von Spreckelsen - piano
  • Richard Anderson - bass
  • Radoslaw Wosko - drums

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018