Koncerten er afsluttet

Thou Sonic Friend (IE/DK)

KoncertKirken , København N

Fri entré

Three musicians of great sensitivity explore the spaces of sound in between, among and within them. Using voices and all possible sounds of their instruments, the three create a parallel universe, a palet of soundcolours where the listener can go cruising their own imaginations.
Goodwin, Tinning and Lyregaard met at the Jyderup Accordeontræf in 2017 and found a correspondence of spirit and approach that would make a beautiful base for a brand new musical project.

Line up:
  • Carolyn Goodwin - clarinets, reeds, vocals
  • Peter Tinning - guitars, effects
  • Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals, percussion

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018